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Our Padova

Padova is home. It's an ancient Roman city layered with Medieval and Romanesque structures and the town St. Anthony and Galileo also called home.


In the historic center we introduce you to our favorite market vendors and the very best Veneto cuisine. Come spritz with us and discover the hidden gems of this alluring, but not terribly touristic city.

Things to See

Palazzo Ragione/Piazza delle Erbe/Piazza dei Frutti- the main squares and food market in the center of town Palazzo Ragione is the largest unsupported medieval ceiling in the world


Il Duomo- Don't miss the paid entrance baptistery!


Capella Scrovigni- amazingly well-preserved frescos from the 1300’s depicting Jesus’ life by painter Giotto 

Palazzo del Bo’- University of Padova dates back to 1222 with the first permanent anatomical theater in the world. Galileo Galilei spent “the best 18 years of his life” teaching at the university and the first woman to earn a college degree in the world graduated from here. Tours are offered in English.

Prato delle Valle- largest and most beautiful square in Italy

Basilica Sant’Antonio- the ornate church where Saint Anthony is buried

Orto Botanico- the world’s oldest botanical garden still in its original location, founded in 1545

padua padova travel
Galileo's Lecturne
padova padua restaurants

Our Favorite Restaurants

  • Belle Parti- elegant and romantic, our favorite

  • Sant’Agnese- all fish, (only 6 tables)

  • Vecchio Falconiere- meat and the best beef tartare 

  • Mario e Mercedes- best in summer when the grill is fired up

  • Pe Pen- modern design with grilled items

  • Pescaria Adriatica- fish market with a restaurant upstairs  top quality fish and crudo

  • Testamatta- mainly fish

  • Trattoria San Pietro- Milanese veal cutlet  

  • Caffè Pedrocchi- great for lunch, coffee or a spritz in a historic belle époque building

  • L’Anfora- our favorite pasta e fagiole, and  mussels

  • Antico Brolo- owner a Formula One enthusiast

  • Zaramella- traditional Veneto cuisine

  • Osteria del Capo- casual traditional Veneto cuisine

  • Osteria Nane della Giulia- traditional grandmother cooking 

  • Tola Rasa- modern, upscale

  • Le Calandre- Michelin 3 -star in Rubano

padova padua travel food market
Mario e Mercedes
Pescheria Adriatica
padova padua things to do


  • Marechiaro- nice courtyard and good pizza and pasta 

  • La Lanterna- Piazza dei Signori, good quality pizza with pleasant atmosphere

  • Pizzeria al Duomo

  • Gino Sorbello-a chain but high quality

  • Da Michele- local outpost from one of the Godfathers of the Naples pizza scene

padova padua restaurants
padova padua food market

Food Shopping

  • Sotto il Salone- food shops in Piazza Erbe and in the ground floor of Palazzo Ragione. Our favorites are Bottega Veneta, Pescheria Adriatica and Gastronomia Marcolin

  • Salumeria al Carmine-The passionate Silvio has everything: cheeses, meats, prepared foods, wine, jarred items and in winter even white truffles! 

  • Pasticceria Giotto- the best coffee, breakfast pastries and desserts all made by inmates of the Padova Prison

  • Pesceria Bragosso- excellent fresh and prepared fish items

  • Gigi Pipa- our favorite bread store, sold by weight

padua Padova travel


  • Majestic Hotel Toscanelli

  • Suites Isola Memmia- on Prato delle Valle.  Only 2 rooms. 

  • Palazzo Mantua Benavides- well located, suites with kitchens, the opportunity to stay in an historic but renovated villa 

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